Walkin’ around

I don’t typically get to walk around downtown but today I did. Had a little bit of time between gigs so I took a little walk just to check things out. I went in a new bar on broadway named Ole Red – a Blake Shelton spot. It looked really nice and the staging was beautiful and roomy. There’s a balcony that you can go up and have the same dining experience with an LED screen display of the first floor stage so you never miss a moment. I hope that I could play in there someday. It looks great – check it out if you can.

I also got to see my buddy Brit Stokes playing over at Whiskey Bent Saloon. I call him a Broadway pied piper because he’s so good people flock to him it’s awesome! Such a talent.

Gearing up for a good night at Cerveza Jacks come by if you are in town!