Lately I’ve found myself in a place where the thoughts inside my head have given rise to a new outlook and game plan for music. Not really so much as to make it differently but to go after it differently.
Up to this point I have seen it through my eyes almost as a hobby and haven’t made the decision to pursue it as a professional would.

This scares the crap out of me….

I have been working a job that I have been tolerating while nonchalantly playing music here and there for fun while the job “funds” my life. What would be a great transition – Lord willing of course – that I may fund my life with the income, support, and busy-ness of my music.

What do you need for this to happen?

For those of you who may be reading this and find yourself thinking – “This guy has a website for music with no music on it, he has an artist page on Facebook with tons of fans with no music on it, he gets booked in amazing venues all around the US with no music to show for it.” Friends, that all is about to change…

I’ve made my decision to pursue the idea of recording my music in 4 stages – I’m full disclosure right now, so this is a glimpse into the thought process of Daniel Bell.

  1. Simple – the first stage is to make available for purchase solid recordings of a few songs that may be only a guitar and my voice (there may be more depending on the necessity to capture the song properly). The idea is so that the funds accumulated from this stage will then fund stage 2.
  2. The Studio EP – This stage is basically taking new and more produced songs and making a high quality EP that will then be ‘radio-ready’ and will be made available on every platform – not just iTunes. The funds from this as well as touring the EP will result in stage 3.
  3. P&P – Products and Promoting. This stage is based on the selling of merchandise as well as the word of mouth promotion that I’m hoping you will be a part of! I already have merchandise for sale – a few people have found it – and I hope that more and more of you will reach out and get some things before I re-brand during this stage. The funds from this stage as well as stage 2 will ultimately fund stage 4.
  4. The FULL – Much like the Studio EP this stage is almost entirely the same only this will have hand selected songs that have been slaved over in the writing, recording, and producing processes. This LP will will be made available on every medium that music can be purchased and will be available at every place I will be performing.

All of this sounds good, but….

Going from having nothing to having something isn’t an overnight thing – you know this. To say that recording music is easy would be correct. To say that having a full time job that is not music is easy would also be correct. To say that recording music while having a full time job is easy would be a horrible fallacy. So that being said – this will be a process that I will be working on diligently until such a time permits to no longer work a full time job.

Want to help? Here’s how!

Send an email with the subject: Launching into Stage 1

Any help will be greatly appreciated and would be an amazing way to land yourself on the Special Thanks portion of EVERY CD!

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