The Pedalboard Chat

I think I’m going to be condensing my pedalboard again to fit my loop-station again. I’ve been recently separating my fx board from my RC300 so that I could keep all my options open in terms of tone – but I’m starting to figure that there are some FX that I don’t use that often. I’m not sure if it will provide the amount of board real estate that I need.

The Rc300 is 21.4 inches my board is 24 inches across so I can only really fit one other pedal at the same level as the looper.

I may be searching for a larger board around the ballpark of 32-35 inches across and 18 inches wide with a slight incline for easy reach.

I’m thinking about retiring a few pedals and relocating some to make setup a bit easier. It should work out and I’m pumped about it. Let me know what you think!