Taking Naps…

So it’s been a little bit since I’ve consciously decided – today I will take a NAP. After having one of the most productive mornings in a while, I decided that I would take a nap. Of course there’s a detail I’m leaving out which puts my location far enough away from my bed to decide against driving back to the house. I pulled into the parking lot of a nearby Kroger in Bellevue, and closed my eyes for a bit – much needed.
With every nap or rest for those of us with deeper voices there’s an affect that we get called ‘Morning Bass’ which means your deep voice is deeper and hasn’t received its normal morning pop up to normal. Moving forward to moments after waking up (5 minutes ago) I walked into this Starbucks as the associates are discussing dates and the question hits my ears as I’m walking up to the counter – “Today is the 12th, what will the date be 7 days from now?” As if the question were directed to me – I calmly and deeply say ‘The 19th.’
What I wasn’t thinking about while speaking to the all female staff at this particular starbucks was that my deep voice could catch them all off guard. So, it did and now I have my cup here with a phone number of a girl who works at starbucks all because I answered a question.

Moral of the story: Take naps but allow ample time for the morning pop to return to your voice before communicating with people!

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