May 12th

I woke up around 9:15 today and like most days: my wife and dog were sitting on the bed trying to gently shake me awake. My dog Sophie runs in normally and starts licking my face which I know is a form of dog-love but I wish I could brush her teeth first. My daughter was out in her pack and play – the moment I come into view she starts jumping up and down repeating the syllable “da.”

For some reason I find myself in front of Disney movies just about every morning like we’ve established a routine. Today we watched Secret of the Wings which is a part of Tinker Bell series on Netflix. Our normal circuit has movies like Moana, Trolls, Sing, Boss Baby, Puss in Boots, Finding Dory and Shrek. Anything with a good soundtrack is always best but in some rare occasions we skip movie and go straight to music on the TV. My little girl loves live performances on YouTube which I think means she’s going to be a performer but who knows. I only hope that whatever she does she will be comfortable, happy and safe! I love my little girlie! We are just a few months away from meeting our little boy – due the end of August! So excited to meet him!

Monday mornings

It’s Sunday night and I’ve just finished playing – I met some really interesting people tonight. It has come to the moment where I just want to be home with my kiddo and my lovely lady! No cushion could make me feel the way my own family does! Thanks everyone for spending time with us today it was emotional and it has ended the way it began – with the lives of my life! Thanks again! Don’t forget to vote for who I’m going to cover on YouTube this week on Wednesday! Tomorrow morning Headlights will be coming out on YouTube so check it out!

See ya!