May 16th – it’s a Wednesday

Today I will be at George Jones Museum rooftop 3-6 followed by Cerveza Jacks 6-10.

I love playing Wednesday shows because it’s the only day of the week when Business Time by Flight of the Concords makes sense.

On an unrelated note at 11:47 last night the Nanny Named Fran just rapped on a rerun and it made me smile because she snort-laughed to the best and if you want to know what I mean by that – try to YouTube it.

I did not put up a YouTube video today so as to take one week off. I spent a little bit of time last night with a good friend of mine and he informed me that he will be leaving town in a few weeks and it made me sad. If I were honest I was hoping that he would come over some situation that would make him realize that he’s in the right place but who am I to say what’s right or not. I hope the best for him and really do believe in his talent. In all of his travels I hope he gains friends, inspirations, and the world! Have fun out there big guy!

I love my wife and daughter so much – just want everyone to know that!


May 12th

I woke up around 9:15 today and like most days: my wife and dog were sitting on the bed trying to gently shake me awake. My dog Sophie runs in normally and starts licking my face which I know is a form of dog-love but I wish I could brush her teeth first. My daughter was out in her pack and play – the moment I come into view she starts jumping up and down repeating the syllable “da.”

For some reason I find myself in front of Disney movies just about every morning like we’ve established a routine. Today we watched Secret of the Wings which is a part of Tinker Bell series on Netflix. Our normal circuit has movies like Moana, Trolls, Sing, Boss Baby, Puss in Boots, Finding Dory and Shrek. Anything with a good soundtrack is always best but in some rare occasions we skip movie and go straight to music on the TV. My little girl loves live performances on YouTube which I think means she’s going to be a performer but who knows. I only hope that whatever she does she will be comfortable, happy and safe! I love my little girlie! We are just a few months away from meeting our little boy – due the end of August! So excited to meet him!

What’s next

The world has been taking some interesting steps lately and it’s both fun and hard to watch. People all over the country are carrying out large acts of hate and anger, there aren’t many good examples for young men anymore, and entitlement is at an all-time high.

It’s a rough time to live in. It’s rough for everyone – not just you and I. I think we have been so “connected” that we forgot what it felt like to be apart from information so now we want everything right away. With everything so readily accessible – patience has lost its appeal. RIGHT NOW! Everything needs to happen right now and that’s stressful.

If you unplugged for 2 days how would you feel on day 3?

Things to think about!!!

I’ll be playing at Cerveza Jacks now every Wednesday night 6-10 so come on out! I’ll see ya then!

Monday mornings

It’s Sunday night and I’ve just finished playing – I met some really interesting people tonight. It has come to the moment where I just want to be home with my kiddo and my lovely lady! No cushion could make me feel the way my own family does! Thanks everyone for spending time with us today it was emotional and it has ended the way it began – with the lives of my life! Thanks again! Don’t forget to vote for who I’m going to cover on YouTube this week on Wednesday! Tomorrow morning Headlights will be coming out on YouTube so check it out!

See ya!

Stapleton, Hozier & Grammar

So this weeks cover is Chris Stapleton’s Broken Halos. Next weeks choices are Hozier and Andy Grammar.

Looking forward to next week because it will be the first Live Looping video that I’ll post. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll me go live and here a little bit of it in the background from live shows but this will be the first time for YouTube! I’m super nervous and excited and I hope I do not mess the sound up. I’m hoping that some friends out there would be willing to help me out with it – we’ll see! Hopefully you all have subscribed to the YouTube channel: every week during April and May I’m having fans pick the artist for the following weeks cover. I’m excited for the following weeks to come! Please leave some artists you’d like a video of and who knows a bonus video may come out early!

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The difference between a compliment and smoke is simply one is based in love while the other is based in hate. A lot of people give compliments to each other but do we say them to each other of love or hate?

I was playing at a bar when a man walked up to the bucket and dropped in a tip – thank you for that – and then went on to say he didn’t believe I could play something but then I did it and did a pretty good job at it. This a perfect example of a really nice thing to say but it’s based in disbelief. Why do we doubt one another so quickly? I forget sometimes that everyone has their own stream of consciousness or their own “First-person video game” that they are playing. Everyone is the main character in their own movie which makes being sympathetic a bit easier. I think that if we were to think of our compliments or any interaction with one another like we were saying it to ourselves I think we’d be better of as people.

I am going to try to get better at being a good friend, to everyone not just my friends. Give compliments where they are due, expectations will only ruin your experience.