The difference between a compliment and smoke is simply one is based in love while the other is based in hate. A lot of people give compliments to each other but do we say them to each other of love or hate?

I was playing at a bar when a man walked up to the bucket and dropped in a tip – thank you for that – and then went on to say he didn’t believe I could play something but then I did it and did a pretty good job at it. This a perfect example of a really nice thing to say but it’s based in disbelief. Why do we doubt one another so quickly? I forget sometimes that everyone has their own stream of consciousness or their own “First-person video game” that they are playing. Everyone is the main character in their own movie which makes being sympathetic a bit easier. I think that if we were to think of our compliments or any interaction with one another like we were saying it to ourselves I think we’d be better of as people.

I am going to try to get better at being a good friend, to everyone not just my friends. Give compliments where they are due, expectations will only ruin your experience.