Different Coffee Shops…

I’ve never been one to be picky about where I obtain my daily dose of caffeine  – recently I’ve only been consuming Red Bull from the convenient store. At least one a day has been my intake. However, tonight I stepped into this place called The Well – across the street from Lipscomb University and I have to say it’s kinda awesome in a weird way.

So the sitting area is a little strange seeing as though there is a separate section for people doing quiet work and the main section where people can be as boisterous as possible. The drink selection is rather small but they definitely cater to the customer instead of prepping things by bulk. Each coffee is brewed per cup on the spot and I think that’s pretty interesting.

Tonight there will be a show in this building and I will be performing with Erskin Anavitarte which I have grown to  be a more stable part of. There room doesn’t seem to be a ‘concert venue’ but it is very intimate.

There is a guy here who will talk your ear off forever it seems like. He has sat with everyone here – including me – and has had conversations about the same stuff with everyone. I could almost quote how it will go because everyone is trying to be polite.

All this to say – I miss my Ugly Mugs but this place is up there now…

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