Climbing trees

It is impossible to climb two trees at the same time.

That being said have you ever noticed when you work hard at one thing you neglect what you previously worked on? It’s like when you stop playing sports and somehow for the first time you drop a pass. I notice this in my playing from day to day. Some days I’ll have all the bells and whistles and out that I’ll forget how to play without them. So this is me saying I’m going to make sure every time y’all come to see me that you get a good dose of all the trees I’ve been climbing.

Anyone making summer plans for Nashville? Come and see me I’ll be in town every weekend with my same schedule! Hope to see you soon! Also I’m posting on YouTube more and I’ve been putting those videos up on the media page. So check them out and show your friends!

Every week I give you all the option to pick an artist for the following weeks video. This week is Sam Smith’s – Stay With Me.

Next week the choice is between Chris Stapleton and John Mayer. So get your votes in and see who wins! Thanks for hanging with me! ~ db