So upon trying out this new venture in market capitalism – I’ve discovered that people need 2 things from someone who decides to ‘BUSK’ downtown. However, before we go into what those 2 things are we must first go over what Busking is and the pro’s and con’s of such an action…

Busking: v – to provide some sort of art in  a public space in hopes of catching the attention of a pedestrian to acquire a tip.

Pro’s and Con’s

Con’s first:

  • With every venture in capitalism there is a cost. When you decide to perform let’s say music for instance you are tirelessly performing for a bunch of people who do not care. What this means is that you are working really hard for a long amount of time.
  • After such time you get burnt out – basically you get tired and you have to recuperate before you can venture out again. So the recoil time could inhibit one’s advances in the game.
  • If you are lacking in the generator department – you will have to either strain your voice if you sing or play really hard for people to hear you. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE SOUND OF TRAFFIC
  • Weather is something that could make or break an evening of playing downtown. That being said – check weather.com before you grab your old 6-string and get the band back together


  • IF YOU HAVE A GENERATOR – Get an amp that makes you sound good and you will make sufficient tips – even if you aren’t that good.
  • IF YOU ARE REALLY TALENTED – Play things people request and you will make very good tips.
  • IF YOU DO SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE DOES – get ready to quit your day job because 1-2 nights a week will cover your bills.

and now – Those 2 things…

Most of the time people want to know what your “wheelhouse’ is. What is your best thing that you do?
They are asking this because they want to see what you do that you are confident in. If you’re like me – than that could be one of five different things. The harder you work at your craft the more difficult this choice becomes because then you have too many options… (This is a good problem to have)

Next people want to know what kind of day you are having and whether or not they are going to join the mass of people who have tipped you or are they going to be the first and if so – how much should they give?  This brings up a very valuable point in your ventures – break a $5 or a $10 before getting out there and throw it in your own jar so it looks like people have come before and tipped you. This way it appears as if someone before has liked what you do enough to give you money.

When you walk down the streets of Nashville, you never know who you will see busking… maybe even me!


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