Visiting with Mom

So my mom just got in town today from NJ and I couldn’t be more excited! We are expecting our second kiddo – Lincoln James – in August and we are starting to transform the house to prepare for the baby. Tons of moving stuff around and ironically getting rid of a bunch.

We are going to be spending some time out and about tomorrow. Since my mom is from NJ we will be doing some sightseeing which will of course be cataloged by a million photos. It is just great to have my mom here to hang out and give us an extra set of hands around the house and another set of eyes on the baby! I love you, Mom! Thanks for always coming to say hey and give Lauren and I the peace of mind that we needed!

Take a second to give your mom a shout out- it’s more than deserved!

New shoes…

So we went to the place where you buy shoes and we bought shoes. I grabbed myself a pair of casual/dress style shoes and my baby picked up a pair of chucks. I was a little excited about the purchase so i forgot to break them in and get proper insoles before working a day in them. So I worked a double in my new shoes and now my feet, back and knees hurt. I felt like I looked good though – from I what I hear that counts for something right?

Dr Scholls – lemme holla at you for a minute

Stapleton, Hozier & Grammar

So this weeks cover is Chris Stapleton’s Broken Halos. Next weeks choices are Hozier and Andy Grammar.

Looking forward to next week because it will be the first Live Looping video that I’ll post. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll me go live and here a little bit of it in the background from live shows but this will be the first time for YouTube! I’m super nervous and excited and I hope I do not mess the sound up. I’m hoping that some friends out there would be willing to help me out with it – we’ll see! Hopefully you all have subscribed to the YouTube channel: every week during April and May I’m having fans pick the artist for the following weeks cover. I’m excited for the following weeks to come! Please leave some artists you’d like a video of and who knows a bonus video may come out early!

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The difference between a compliment and smoke is simply one is based in love while the other is based in hate. A lot of people give compliments to each other but do we say them to each other of love or hate?

I was playing at a bar when a man walked up to the bucket and dropped in a tip – thank you for that – and then went on to say he didn’t believe I could play something but then I did it and did a pretty good job at it. This a perfect example of a really nice thing to say but it’s based in disbelief. Why do we doubt one another so quickly? I forget sometimes that everyone has their own stream of consciousness or their own “First-person video game” that they are playing. Everyone is the main character in their own movie which makes being sympathetic a bit easier. I think that if we were to think of our compliments or any interaction with one another like we were saying it to ourselves I think we’d be better of as people.

I am going to try to get better at being a good friend, to everyone not just my friends. Give compliments where they are due, expectations will only ruin your experience.


I woke up in a frantic hurry this morning. One of those situations where your body is up before your mind and then in the catch up process you get nauseous. That was the train I was on this morning. Cece was loving on mommy all morning while I was a cold sweaty resident of our bathroom with a porcelain waste basket. The good part of this is that the weather is kind of rough so I’m not necessarily missing out on good weather. I’ll still be playing tonight at Cerveza Jacks 6-10 so come and say hello!

I’m currently getting in the mood for the show tonight by sending time with my little girlie! We are currently watching Trolls and eating Go-gurt- don’t hate us, join us!

See you tonight!


My daughter fell asleep on me this morning and it got me thinking. When should we rest? For the longest time I told myself I’ll rest when I’m comfortable and can afford to, but what does that really mean? I feel like if we are honest with ourselves we should take breaks sometimes, a true break, not like a bathroom break I mean like a good mental checkout before returning.

But I truly wish I could just let myself fall into a nap as smoothly as Cece just did because we were watching Sing and then before the last song by Tori Kelly’s character she started getting comfortable and was ushered into Sleepytown listening to one of her favorite singers.

Listen for the snores… 🙂

Climbing trees

It is impossible to climb two trees at the same time.

That being said have you ever noticed when you work hard at one thing you neglect what you previously worked on? It’s like when you stop playing sports and somehow for the first time you drop a pass. I notice this in my playing from day to day. Some days I’ll have all the bells and whistles and out that I’ll forget how to play without them. So this is me saying I’m going to make sure every time y’all come to see me that you get a good dose of all the trees I’ve been climbing.

Anyone making summer plans for Nashville? Come and see me I’ll be in town every weekend with my same schedule! Hope to see you soon! Also I’m posting on YouTube more and I’ve been putting those videos up on the media page. So check them out and show your friends!

Every week I give you all the option to pick an artist for the following weeks video. This week is Sam Smith’s – Stay With Me.

Next week the choice is between Chris Stapleton and John Mayer. So get your votes in and see who wins! Thanks for hanging with me! ~ db


When you look at that word by itself it looks strangely out of place.

But when you add the context of us going to figure out what our next child is going to be – then the word looks a little bit more like OMG with a billion exclamation points after it…

So Kenny Loggins was right – I am going to have a son and Lauren and I are overjoyed!! We’ve been thinking about names this whole pregnancy already and have come up with Lincoln James Bell. Seems strong so we are hoping it sticks around and we end up choosing that one.

We are due around mid-late August!  Our Daughter Cecelia was nothing but smiles when the ultrasound tech gave us the news!


Being a dad – Year One

They say that when you have a child it changes you. Sure. What they should have said was that you have to change when you have a child. Suddenly the thought of taking care of a life has now crept into your mind for the first time because taking care of yourself has not even been a thought until now. Before now it was totally cool to mount up in front of the television with an entire Papa Johns pizza on your lap with 2 ice cold Pepsis knowing full well there’s a pint of ice cream in the freezer for after Jimmy Fallon. However, now that there’s a little person living in the place that I call home – bedtimes, food selection, even Netflix has been like – DID YOU HAVE A KID? YOU HAVE WATCHED TROLLS AND MOANA 103,264,325,467,568,345,426,597,325,407,416,345,446,956,000 times. My wife is amazing – I wouldn’t know what to do without her! That can not be understated!! She wakes up with the baby before I do and takes care of breakfast and wakes me hours later – EVERY DAY. She’s my best friend and it’s weird because I never want to do anything without her with me – I feel I do my best work with her around. I love you babe. (if you’re reading this)

All that to say I want to be clear that this is the most rewarding experience that I have ever had! I can say that now that certain things have been given perspective the things that I once thought were important have been appropriately catalogued into their proper places – at least until I learn something else.

I have never been more aware of how little I know!!!

But I’m loving where I’m at and I’m hoping that all of you will join with me on this journey of whatever this is! Thanks for taking the time! Check out my youtube videos in the Media page

Wednesday – April 4th – 2018





Getting back to it

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to post but now that I’ve been instructed to use the accessibility features on my gear I can now post again! It has been a very interesting and trying time for me these past few months/years. I’m grateful to everyone who has been around me and stuck by my side through the journey! Can’t wait to get back to it!