Being a dad – Year One

They say that when you have a child it changes you. Sure. What they should have said was that you have to change when you have a child. Suddenly the thought of taking care of a life has now crept into your mind for the first time because taking care of yourself has not even been a thought until now. Before now it was totally cool to mount up in front of the television with an entire Papa Johns pizza on your lap with 2 ice cold Pepsis knowing full well there’s a pint of ice cream in the freezer for after Jimmy Fallon. However, now that there’s a little person living in the place that I call home – bedtimes, food selection, even Netflix has been like – DID YOU HAVE A KID? YOU HAVE WATCHED TROLLS AND MOANA 103,264,325,467,568,345,426,597,325,407,416,345,446,956,000 times. My wife is amazing – I wouldn’t know what to do without her! That can not be understated!! She wakes up with the baby before I do and takes care of breakfast and wakes me hours later – EVERY DAY. She’s my best friend and it’s weird because I never want to do anything without her with me – I feel I do my best work with her around. I love you babe. (if you’re reading this)

All that to say I want to be clear that this is the most rewarding experience that I have ever had! I can say that now that certain things have been given perspective the things that I once thought were important have been appropriately catalogued into their proper places – at least until I learn something else.

I have never been more aware of how little I know!!!

But I’m loving where I’m at and I’m hoping that all of you will join with me on this journey of whatever this is! Thanks for taking the time! Check out my youtube videos in the Media page

Wednesday – April 4th – 2018